4 Steps to Create Your Path Towards Wellness

Your path to wellness will be unique to you.  It will also take time to perfect. However, having a plan in place can assist you on that journey. Apply these 4 steps to help you create your path towards wellness.

Goal Setting

One of the most important elements when you are creating your path to wellness is identifying what your wellness goals are for you in your life. Take a moment and reflect on what you want your wellness to look like in your life.


Protect your wellness! You will need to set boundaries and say no to people and things that derail you from reaching your wellness goals. 

Wellness Plan

Create you wellness plan. Write it down. Store it in your calendar reminders. Writing out your wellness plan will help you stay focused and reduces the chance of not following through on your plan.


Micro-Wellness is my favorite concept. Essentially, it is the practice of doing little things throughout the day that promote your wellness. It can be listening to a song, read quotes, or taking a quick walk. 

Need a worksheet to help you jump start your path towards wellness? Download this free "My Wellness Goal Plan" worksheet. *free registration required

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